Thursday 24 May 2012

Kitchen roof

There's no way to get a good picture of the progress being made on the kitchen roof.  This is the best - taken from the upstairs window. 

We used to have a flat roof, but it had to be repaired far too often - apparently as a consequence of being flat - and we had permanent marks on the kitchen ceiling, where water has leaked through.  So, we are having a sloping roof put on, with a vaulted ceiling inside.  Isn't it beautiful?

That square shape in the wooden struts, at the bottom right of the photo, will be one of three skylights.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Ruth ESP of cat ,on hot tin roof! Can,t wait to see final result of extension. Hope to see you and your mum soon. Lol Chris christine

Elizabeth said...

Good decision going for the sloping roof! A flat roof can be a distinct disadvantage in that it has difficulty bearing the weight of accumulated snow and heavy rain. Most flat roofs are prone to collapsing, especially those that cover a larger area. I hope you enjoy your new roof!

Elizabeth Hoffnung