Saturday 28 July 2012


Another little long-legged bear, called Hughey.  He measures about 5 inches tall, when sitting.  What do you think of his cloak?  I started out trying to make a skirt - it has a box pleat in the back - but it didn't work.  I then tried it around his head - it didn't look bad: just a little too origami-ish - and then I found that it acutally fitted very well over his shoulders.  The person who usually makes the bear clothes is not impressed - but I do kind of like it!


Polly said...

No, sorrry the cloak does nothing for me either.
I always tell my kids that Mum is always right :)
(she is the one that usually makes the bears' clothes, isn't she?)
I like these little long legged bears in the 'fur'.
I love the way they sit with their leg up so casually.

Rachel Kilby said...

Yep, I agree with that, the cloak doesn't really fit with the bear, looks like a random bit of material, sorry!

Ruth said...

He looks quite... plain on his own. I think the cloak - or that random bit of fabric I have thrown over his shoulders(!) - being darker and duller, brings out the brightness of his fur, and actually, it's a great colour match. You might not usually see those colours together, but they work well.