Thursday 27 June 2013

Small long-legged bears

I went to work yesterday, and several people asked me whether I'd been ill - since I hadn't updated the blog for so long(!)  I am fine.  I have been making the 10 little bears above.  They are hand-dyed in different colours, but all the same pattern, so it seemed silly to update every day.  They do pack quite a punch when they get together as a gang though, don't they?

Their names are, from the left, (deep breath)... Rose, Foxglove, Petunia, Fuchsia, Peony, Sweetpea, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Dandelion and Wisteria.  Thank you Barbara of Embar Pottery for your help naming them.

When sitting, they all measure approximately 4.5 inches above the surface of the table and, if their legs are dangling over the edge, 2.5 inches below.  They are £32 each.


Naomi said...

They certainly look as if they'll make a splash at Clare - they're lovely and summery! Now have you booked the correct weather?

Ruth said...

Thank you! I don't mind any kind of weather except hot, hot sun. If it's too hot, I shall probably just crawl under the table and sleep for the entire weekend.