Wednesday 23 October 2013

Finished moose

Well, this is him made in mohair, with proper papier mache antlers.  I was skeptical about this mohair to start off with - it isn't the shiny, glossy, dark brown material I was hoping for.  But it was the nearest thing I had, and actually it has a lovely slightly curly, slightly matted finish.  He does look a bit highland-cow-ish on occasion!

With the antlers, I did the final layer of papier mache in brown paper.  I'm not sure whether it works or not - they do look a little bit like they've just been wrapped in brown paper (all they need now is a bit of string tied round them), and they've lost a bit of the shape around the edges.  But I varnished them once the paper was dry, so they are lovely and glossy.

Anyway, next on the list is a sitting moose.


Gratis said...

Wonderful! I love his shape. I think that those antlers are a real out of the box solution and they work perfectly.

Ruth said...

Thank you! :-)