Monday, 11 November 2013

North West Teddy Bear Fair

Well, this is us at the North West Teddy Bear Fair in Bolton yesterday.  I didn't take many photos because everyone else was rushing round with discreet little camera phones and my camera is a massive, chunky, indelicate hunk of hardware (so to speak) - I was feeling self-conscious!

Anyway, we had mixed results.  It was rather quiet.  Apparently this was a new venue, so it was nowhere near as busy as the Rivington Hall Barn Fair (which is the one we went to a few years ago).  I guess it takes a while for these events to become known.

In spite of that, it was very good to see everybody again.  There were lots of familiar faces and everyone was very friendly.  And the meerkats went down very well.  They seemed to be the first thing people looked at when they stopped at the stall, and I was introduced several times as 'the lady who makes the meerkats'.  Perhaps preferable to the Art & Craft Centre, where I am occasionally referred to as 'the bear lady'?

The standard was very very high - if I'd made any money, I would surely have spent it there and then.  It did make me think that perhaps I need to spend more time working on new designs and new ideas.

I've got just over a month until the next one - on 15th December in Waltham Abbey - so we'll see how it goes.

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