Sunday 28 September 2014

Essex Craft & Design Show, pt 2

Well, very little happened in pt 2, unfortunately.  There were lots of people - it was much busier than the Saturday - but nobody seemed to be spending money.  It's a shame because it's such a lovely venue, and talking to the other stallholders, they've evidently done reasonably well in the past.  Some of them have been exhibiting every year for the past seven years(!)

Thank you as ever to everyone who came over to say hello, or who bought bears (or crows, or mammoths).  I was very pleased to find good homes for them.

My next fair is at the Greenwoods Hotel in Stock on Sunday 19th October.  There are lots of things I want to make for it - starting with more crows.  I would love to have a go at a hedgehog too.  Then there are the puffins, which probably won't be done for a while.  And an armadillo.  After today though, I'm thinking that I ought to start by making a grumpy-looking bear, perhaps just the head and shoulders, to sit at the back of my stall and glare at passers by - just for the times when I start going cross-eyed and need someone to take over!

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