Monday, 29 September 2014

Etsy shop update

Having spent the weekend giving out leaflets and telling people I'm on Etsy, I went to look at my Etsy shop last night and found that it was empty - all my listings had expired!  So, I've been photographing and listing bears all morning.  No crows yet, unfortunately, but they're on their way. 


Polly said...

It is quite a time consuming task to keep on top of Etsy, posting new items, relisting and continually checking prices, postage and SEO are correct. I have 2 shops and also keep an eye on Alan's clock shop too, so it keeps me busy. Your shop looks great, keep listing as much as you can, the more you have the more you are seen. Pauline

Ruth said...

Thank you Polly. Yes, it took ages. And I probably shouldn't have listed them all at once, should I? Isn't it the same as Ebay, in that the more frequently you list, the higher you appear in the search results?