Monday 15 June 2015

Camera practice

 I have been cutting out multiple crows today - and trying to fight the feeling that this should be a day off, after doing the show yesterday.  It has been very difficult though, what with such lovely weather. All the birds are out in our garden, and I have alternated cutting out crows with practising with my 'new' long-range camera lens.  I did use it at Snape, but it hasn't been out of the box since then.  It is rather intimidating.

Anyway, here are some of my efforts today.  We have lots of juvenile starlings at the moment.  Here is one with a rather wary-looking goldfinch (fat ball feeders off to the left and below).

Starlings collecting in the apple tree between feeds.

They kept going under the our picnic bench, and I couldn't figure out why.  When I went out, there was a bag of dried mealworms there, with a hole in the side!

Our collared dove couple.

Maude, showing what she would do to the birds if she caught them. 

Female blackbird with a grubby beak, eating mealworms off the bird table.

Juvenile starling, finishing them off.

Sparrow, showing how to sit gracefully on a bird feeder.

Juvenile starling showing how not to do it!

Wood pigeon looks on in disgust.

And a grey squirrel!  I think this one is a juvenile.  He was ever so sweet.  Apparently, he could hear the camera clicking, and he kept coming right up to the window to look at me.

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