Thursday 11 June 2015


I have just finished this little pink bear called Patrick.  He is made from a very, very pink Schulte viscose fabric.  I'm happy with the way he turned out, but I do think the colour is a bit startling.  I am thinking of putting the rest of this fabric aside, and saving it for a future potential pig design.  

It struck me a moment ago that I actually have several fabrics saved for this hypothetical pig.  I have some pale pink mohair, and a piece of pig-print cotton, so I really must get started on the pattern.  I think it's the hooves that are putting me off.  I never got to grips with hooves, or those skinny little legs - hence my mooses with their tree-trunk legs.  Skinny legs, and hooves, will require something clever with wire.  I can envisage wire legs, with little clay hooves - it should even be possible to bake the clay on the wire - but how to get the fabric pattern for the legs right - and how to fit the fabric to the hoof??? 

Perhaps it shouldn't be fitted - perhaps it should just be left looking like skinny trousers, the cuff ending just above the hoof.  :-)

There's also that lumpiness to consider.  I'm not sure it is the case with pigs, but mooses have whacking great knees, and I know someone who said they'd be interested if I ever tried making a donkey - and donkeys have lumpy knees too.

Anyway, a question for the future - right now I have a puffin to finish!

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