Sunday 17 May 2020

New hedgehogs

Having, in theory, had time on my hands over the past month or so, I eventually began to feel as though I ought to do something practical, and make use of some of the vast stash of mohair that I still have leftover from the bear-making.  So I dragged everything out again and had a go.  First of all I couldn't remember how the pattern pieces went together (you don't write this stuff down when you do it every day).  Then I sent my sewing machine to be serviced and they told me it was basically dead, and too old to repair.  Then my mother bought me a new one(!)  Then there were many days of sewing, struggling with armature wire, covering all usable surfaces with my bear-making paraphernalia, turning the house upside down looking for tools I know I had three years ago.  And finally today I finished them - 12 hedgehogs! - and rushed outside to take some photos on my phone before it got too dark.  They're not great photos, and the names are rather last-minute (my least favourite part), but I managed it, and they're all in the Etsy shop.  Do take a look.  

I can't imagine many of them will find homes right now - if any of them do - whilst no one has any money, but at least I can say I've done something productive during the lockdown.  And I always meant to make a few every so often.  To tell you the truth I'd forgotten how much effort is involved, and how long it takes (although I'm sure I must have been quicker at one point).

Maybe now some mammoths(?)(!)

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