Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A gap in the market?

Following on from my previous post... I have just been in touch with the supplier, where I buy safety eyes. I asked her about getting certification for the eyes and the joints. Apparently all their joints and eyes are sold with a note saying "not suitable for children". She said that they are manufactured in Japan, and that if they were to sell them as safety joints/eyes, they would have to get each batch they bought safety tested - which would be far too expensive.

She also said that, as far as she's aware, there is no one in the UK who sells certified safety joints/eyes - and that if there were, she would stock them.

Right, so making toys of any kind is out, sadly.

But is this a gap in the market I see emerging? Presumably, if you purchased a large enough batch of joints/eyes, you could have a sample tested, and then you would have enough of them that you would be able to cover the testing costs, once you sold them.

And there must be plenty of art/craft shops and websites that would be interested in buying joints/eyes with certification.

Hmmm... something to think about.

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