Friday, 9 April 2010

Meet my newest bear... Otto (ta-da)!

I developed Otto's pattern a little while ago, when I was making a commission bear. The customer wanted a replica of a vintage Steiff bear, from the early 20th century. I said I would have a go at it. I fiddled around with the pattern for a little bit, and then had a practice run. The mohair I used for the practice was the wrong colour, and I discovered when he was complete that the design wasn't quite right.

I sent the customer photographs anyway - mainly because it had taken me long time, and I wanted to reassure her that I was still busy working on it. Anyway, she loved the practice run (whose name was Siegfried), and decided to buy him - which was lovely.

I thought I'd have another go. The mohair is a little too short, I think - it doesn't hide the seams (which he has lots of), but I think he turned out okay. As you can see in the last photo, he was designed to be able to stand on all-fours.

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