Monday, 12 April 2010

Gift tags

As always, I've been trying to think of new things to make for the craft unit - smaller, cheaper things which don't, for all that, compromise on quality.  I thought about making gift tags - just a piece of card, maybe die-cut out of coloured card (maybe sparkly!), with a hole punched through them, and a piece of ribbon attached.  Unfortunately, I was hoping to do hearts, but we don't have any red card.  I am out of money at the moment (can't even stretch to a piece of red, sparkly card), so that will have to wait.  I came up with an alternative plan though.

I bought a necklace recently - a really cheap one - which was like a tiny diet coke can on a chain, with a little string of beads (and something else I think).  It was like a little charm.  I wondered whether I could make tiny little stuffed fabric hearts quickly enough, and then thread them onto a pieces of ribbon with a little string of beads and a card tag, to make posh gift tags.

I tried it and it worked really well.  Furthermore, in the vast stacks of craft stuff that we buy compulsively, and will probably never for the most part use, I found a box of gift tags - different shapes, made in coloured card, with an aluminium edging.  They seemed like the perfect thing to add.  So, this is the result:

What do you think?

Pricing, as always, is a problem.  It is really key at the art & craft centre, and I have come to the conclusion that if I want to sell regularly, I'm going to have to seller cheaper stuff.  As always though, I spend ages making something, and am loathe to price it at 99p.  I compromised in this case.  I have priced them at £1.30.  They are cheaper than my greetings card (at £1.80), but I guess expensive enough that you wouldn't buy lots of them - maybe just one or two if you had special gifts to give.

Also, I guess they are rather ostentatious, as far as gift tags go.  Would you stick that on a gift?  I have absolutely no talent for predicting what will sell and what won't, but I guess you can only try these things.

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