Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday afternoon project

Isn't it sweet! Actually, it's a little lumpy, but I have to say that doesn't make a whole lot of difference to its appeal to me. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while - before this, my needles got stuck in the body of a doll which went wrong (nothing voodoo-ish, just the nearest convenient place for them). However, a few days ago, the doll fell down the side of the desk and all the needles disappeared somewhere, so I thought maybe it was time for something better.

The design comes out of Tone Finnanger's Sew Pretty Homestyle. If you haven't seen it, it really is a lovely book - with lots of incredibly easy but very sweet projects - draw-string bags, simple teddy/doll designs, cushions, quilts, even slippers.

Finnanger embroiders roses on the top of her pin cushions, which I decided to forgo. Mine will be well-used, and I can't see an embroidered design lasting very long (not one embroidered by me, anyway!).

She also suggests embroidering back and forth across the hole that's left underneath, once you've stuffed the cushion. Since I'm not too good at embroidery though, I decided to put a patch over the hole (second pic) - and it looks okay!

Anyway, it's kind of nice - even just briefly - to do something non-bear-related. Bear-making was a hobby that became a full-time thing - but it never stopped being a hobby - so sometimes it seems that's all I do.

But I'll be back to it tomorrow. I am planning another big Steiff-like polar bear, and I have a commission for a realistic panda, so I need to try out a few head designs. And, I still have to think of something to do in the shop for Valentine's Day! (The shop display resolution isn't going well.)

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