Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bathroom tiles

These are the sparkling turquoise tiles we're having on the back wall of the downstairs toilet.  They're probably rather brighter than this - particularly when the lights are shining on them.  It was just very difficult to get a good picture; my camera lens isn't wide enough.

The lights are now in - although they were done after I took these pictures.  There is a sensor to detect movement, and the lights go on automatically.  Without the doors on, the lights have been going on every time someone passes through the hallway, but it gives you a chance to re-admire the tiling every time, so it's not a nuisance.


Polly said...

That's going to look great Ruth. Look forward to seeing the finished room.

Ruth said...

Thanks Polly. Our current downstairs WC used to be outside, and it was all bricked in to the main house 20-odd years ago. But despite our filling it with cute bathroom-ware and determinedly fluffing the towels, it never lost its chilly, scruffy, spidery, outdoor-toilety kind of vibe (if a toilet can have a 'vibe'). So fingers crossed this one comes together well.