Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Some more crows

Good morning!  Well I finally managed to get some sewing done.  These are my next two crows.  They are made from Irish linen, and filled with polyester fibrefill.  They have wire and papier mache feet, double-jointed necks and glass eyes.  They are about 19 inches from head to tail (and about 14 inches from head to toe).

These will go into the glass cabinet at Dedham, but I have also listed them on Etsy, here.  I want to make some more, so I have some for the shows I am doing this summer, but I'm also eager to get on and make some other kinds of birds!  

However, the decision is out of my hands at the moment because I am (in what seems like a never-ending saga) out of black linen again!  I might have a go and see if I can tweak the crow pattern so that his tail is above the ground.  And then on to another type of bird!

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