Monday, 5 September 2011


After living in a house full of kids for over a month... my new tune:

A couple of days ago, I received an order of manufactured soft toys.  There is some really lovely stuff - old-fashioned characters like Paddington, Peter Rabbit, and Miffy, along with Elmer the Elephant, which is really really cute.  Mind you, I always feel guilty buying in things.  I took them to the Art & Craft Centre today to stock the shelves.  It looks great - really full and colourful - but the ratio of manufactured : hand-made has definitely tilted the wrong way.  I need to get busy again.  On the plus side, the one weird owl I have left, and my union jack mammoth and hanging bears, all came alive in such colourful company.  They looked wonderful!

Anyway, I haven't really got anything to post, I just wanted to show this video, if I can get it to work.  We had our annual village show last weekend, and because we have a massive village green, lots of dedicated kite flying hobbyists come with their biggest and most fabulous kites.  And look what we saw (cheers Austen):


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